Costs Of Selling

Our fees are back-end loaded. When the transaction closes, BDSA receives a success fee. The fee is a percentage of the sale's price and is governed by the size and complexity of the transaction. Throughout the process of the transaction, we work as your partner because the more money you make, the higher the success fee. If you like the deal that is delivered at the closing, then and only then, will you pay the success fee.

There are numerous methods utilized for calculating investment banking fees. Almost all firms agree that the size and complexity of the transaction should heavily influence the final amount of the fee. Beyond this principal, differences arise because some firms operate with enormous fixed costs (e.g. Wall Street bulge bracket firms) whereas others are more entrepreneurial and consequently are more back-end loaded.

Our clients are responsible for some costs during the time that they work with us including, but not limited to, the reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses that have been authorized by the client. These costs are non refundable. We consider their payment to be a demonstration of the client's commitment to successfully conclude a transaction and as further recognition to the time and effort needed to complete the sale.